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Operation manual for cutting machine
front look
Before cutting,must do as following procedure
¢Ùworking Voltage£º380V/50Hz
Connect electrical power
¢ÚOpen the side cover with rotation direction
¢ÛTurn main switch on
¢ÜPush green button
¢İ Check the rotation to conform with the marking on side cover
¢Ş Connect air hose to inlet on machine back
¢ß Start air compressor,turn air pressure regulator to above 6 bar
¢à According to hose spec., adjust pressing speed regulator, slow for big hose,quick for small hose
¢á Before insert hose,step the pedal to check the pressing speed
¢âDuring cutting,hose length above 50cm(1 1/4¡± above hose,length above 70cm),insert under pressing block,catch two hose ends,step the pedal to cut,after hose cutting finished,loose pedal.
Important notice
¢Ù Check the blade rotation direction before cutting,ensure to meet arrow signal.
¢Ú  First, cutting braided hose,then spiral hose