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Operation mannual for cleaning machine
The cleaning machine include air pump,fixed gun,mobile gun,cabin,dust cover,filter and tank

2)operation procedure

Connect 8 bar air to machine inlet
 Add 160 liter pure water and 5% antirust additive,recycled after filtered
 Adjust air pressure regulator(clockwise up,anticlockwise down)
Open 1 air valve
Open dust cover,put hose one end into cleaning cabin
Use gun stick hose another end to clean hose,gun has two positions,one position for water cleaning,another possition for air cleaning.(for big hose,use fixed gun)
  Open 1,2 air valve,turn blue switch on,begin to clean hose,after that,turn blue switch off,open 2 air valve,use air to clean hose inside
 Take out hose,close 1,2 air valve and dust cover
3).Technical data
1 Driven by pneumatic
2 air pressure input,max 8bar
3 Pump flex 50-80liter/min.
4 Adjustable features Air inlet,gun flux,max 80liter/min
5 media Water+5%additive
6 Cleaning range 51mm hose max
7 dimension 205 x 88 x 91 cm
8 Trough depth 16cm
9 Tank capacity 180liter
 one batch hoses cleaned,must closed 1,2 air valves
 use different flushing cones for different hoses
 change cleaning media and filter according to media cleaning degree
Need air compressor output above 0.8metric meter/min.