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Operation manual for Testing  Machine
please read the manual carefully before operation
The bench includes pump driven by air,valve,gauge,cross adaptor,block,filter,air regulator,tank,suction filter and etc.
2)、operation step
1.Do the testing always only keeping the lid closed
2. If meet any abnormal loss power, leakage and other problem,pls firstly
Open the safety valve and turn off the air supply.
3. Testing pressure normally not exceeding 3/4 of gauge range
4. For extending the working life of gauge,reduce the pressure slowly from
high point to zero.
5. The testing media should be 10# lubrication oil or antirust emulsion,pls do not use water completely.
6. Use correct good adaptor
3)﹑operation procedure
Fill testing media into tank up to 80% and provide compressed air.
2).(P= 6 - 7 barQ=0.6CBM/Min)
2. Turn off air valve, turn pressure regulator anticlockwise to zero pressure,turn discharge valve clockwise off
3. Connect the hose assembly to bench by adaptor and plug.
4. Open air valve
5. Adjust the pressure regulator to 1 bar,turn discharge valve anticlockwise,pump begin to work,when no air around the plug,turn off air valve and tighten the plug
6. Turn on air valve,turn anticlockwise discharge valve off,read the pressure from gauge
7. Turn the pressure regulator slowly until reaching the expected pressure
8. Keep the pressure stable
9. If need higher pressue,adjust pressure regulator again
10. Testing finished,turn off air valve,turn on discharge valve,release high pressure fluid
11. Remove the tested hose,replace 2nd hose,turn off discharge valve,turn on air valve. If pressure testing same with 1st batch,no need to adjust pressure regulator
12. Testing finished,turn off air valve,turn discharge valve anticlockwise to zero,turn pressure regulator anticlockwise to zero,remove hose,turn off air supply
main features
Media:prefer pure water with antirust
Gauge full range:1600bar
Pump pressure ratio: 1:220
Rated air supply: 6 bar
Rated testing pressure: 1200bar
Rated max. testing pressure: 1300 bar
Rated min. testing pressure: 200 bar
Outlet: 3     24 degree DKO,M18x1.5 male
Tank capacity: 40 liter, actual fill 30 liter
Cabin dimension:
cabin back hight=25cm
Dimension: 200 x 70 x 120 cm
Standard accessory: 1 plug for outlet
Optional accessory: 2 liter antirust media,4 pcs rack,stainless steel net
Technical standard